Tuesday, March 24, 2009


woohoooo! fuck i couldnt believe my luck eh. i took a picture with jiamin man!! damn. she's cute and pretty. i dun mind exchanging any thing in this world for her man. seriously she's damn lovable hahaha!

anyway i went down to mediacorp to see her live today.. wow. she was really "wow" in real life eh. damn prettyyy. so yeah. talked to her mum abit too. and and and!! i managed to shake her hand hahaha.

im seriously a happy man now.
i love jiamin to the core man.
enjoy the picture.(she's damn pretty and im damn ugly. like beauty and the beast? hah)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

damn i really cant believe the results man. i dun think anybody can hahaha.
omg.. the goals were all brillant. woohoooo.. manu fans all diam diam already =D
forgot to say that this game happened right after we beat real madrid 4-0!
handed out 2 thrashing for 2 of the world best clubs.. WOOHOOO!!
the following picture is for all manu fans: ENJOY =D

hahah. anyway enough about soccer. i have been working at ngee ann poly selling fujitsu laptops since last wednesday. damn fuck. it was really really tough man. need to carry the fucking laptops.. like coolie liddat. damn i cant wait for tuesday to come man. i make sure i open one champagn and celebrate like there's no wednesday. seriously i swear i hate fujitsu laptops....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

YEAH! LIVERPOOL BEAT MADRID 1-0 AT BERNABEU!!!! yossi did damn well in that header man!!

hahha. nice pictures eh. ber say i should not post about soccer as it is very boring. i think she wants to see some other picture.. so i guess i will only post "that picture" in my next entry..
okay anyway, the fujitsu laptop selling kangtao already called cg saying that both of us can go and work... but im still thinking.. cos seriously i noe nuts about computer man. like what is ram or processor and stuffs liddat. omfg..
well, i guess i will take the next few days to think over it whether i shld go and work not.. right now i shld go and complete my presentation slides due next tues. damn sian zzzz -.-

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

alrights ppl. here i am.
well, i have been receiving phone calls everyday from ppl to ask me to start blogging.
so yeah. anyway, haven't been doing much for the past few weeks eh. im like sleeping late at night and waking up late in the noon everyday.

went to look for jobs with cg recently.. and had to wait for phone calls.. i dun think the phone call will ever come... but i also dun wanna slack at home and do nothing which will result in no income..
yeah just hope things will go better for me and i will get endless job offers hahaha!

here's a few nice pictures ahead of the clash vs madrid

thats all for now! hope liverpool beat madrid tonight!
you'll never walk alone! =D

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

okay. i totally lost the mood to blog . i dunno why.
perhaps its pure laziness..
anyway things have been happening too fast.
i think im thinking too much. i shldnt sink into it. i shall just get up b4 things get worse.
well, i shall control myself
anyway, have been hanging out with jy, alvin polun everyday..
i ate good yet fattening food everyday..
hmmm.. seen them more den i seen my parents for that few days..
alright i shall stop here as i dunno what i can write anymore.
take care peeps.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

there's a baby in my baby's stomach.
so how many babies are there altogether?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

it has really been years years years that i last blogged. 19 days to be exact.
okayy i totally lost the motivation to blog i dunno why.. perhaps theres nothing interesting going on in my life.. yeah..
its now 403am in the morning and im still awake watching the match between england and usa.
seriously im so impressed by golden balls that he can still play so well at his age.. thumbs up becks!

anyway, i think im seriously wasting my life away.. my life is dream-less, target-less and meaning-less!
guess i should do something about it eh..
i should complete what i ought to complete and not let ppl that who really care for me down..

so un-motivated.